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Talking to your CouchDB backend from your HTML/Javascript frontend should have been trivial. CouchDB provides a RESTful API – that means it can be directly accessed through Ajax/Javascript. But, as ever, there is a “but”. ... more
I have not been blogging for a long long time and was trying to find out a topic for my new post. I thought I can write a post on Rack::StaticCache – a Rack middleware that I contributed to rack-contrib a couple of months back. ... more
I have found some common code patterns/refactoring patterns while doing code reviewing in my current day job. And one of them involves switch blocks. After reading nate’s blog here about switch blocks, I thought to share something similar. ... more
Today in the official CakePHP google group I proclaimed with poise that having PHP helpers for outputting JS (like CakePHP’s JS and Ajax helpers) is a very bad idea. And then someone from the group asked me if I have any argument to defend that. Here are the points that I posted there: ... more
Another TL weekly Tech Session Presentation! Yes, again.. :) My presentation topic was “Eight Simple Steps to Speed Up Your Website”. Most of us are well informed about The Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance Team and their deadly advices on speeding up websites. In this presentation I picked up some of those cool techniques and showed how we can cleverly implement them with Apache, PHP and CodeIgniter. ... more
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